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Nitinol attachment for enhanced retention of implant-supported removable dentures


Click-mechanism system for restorations supported on straight and angulated implants


Nitinol attachment for enhanced retention of implant-supported removable dentures

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Multi-Unit Abutment

We came up with a revolutionary friction-based spring-lock attachment for removable restoration. High elasticity, durability, and easy installation are only some of this new-generation nitinol attachment’s great qualities. 

NitiLock is suitable for  overdenture bars, telescopic overdentures, and removable partial dentures.

Unique design – NitiLock is spring-shaped.  Spring’s wide range of operation allows a wide installation range, compensates slight inaccuracies in bar-overdenture design, and compensates wear of the attachment and the prosthesis.

Due to its shape and position, occlusal and masticatory forces do not affect NitiLock’s durability.


Super elasticity – Nitinol presents the elasticity of non-metal attachments, combined with the reliable and durable mechanical qualities of a metal attachment.

Special position – NitiLock is installed laterally to the alveolar ridge. Enabling shorter occluso-gingival length in buccal aspects of the overdenture, maintaining overdenture’s esthetics.   


Easy installation – NitiLock Carrier Tool makes installing and replacing NitiLock easy, quick and simple.

NitiLock's housing is best installed in the overdenture’s design using CAD/CAM technology, but can also be installed by welding or casting.

Shape memory – Special shape memory alloy increases NitiLock’s elasticity in body temperature, securing its fixation inside the denture.


CAD/CAM – NitiLock is incorporated in libraries of CAD/CAM providers, including CAD/CAM support we provide to our customers.

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 Healing Cap 3D model.

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