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Skvirsky's Impression Coping Duplicator Cut View
Skvirsky's Impression Coping Duplicator Magnet Cap


When creative and pioneering ideas

turn into easy and simple solutions.


Skvirsky Dental Solutions is a company developing new systems and technologies for dental procedures - simplifying the procedure, and optimizing the result.

Explore our site to learn about us and discover our innovative products, designed to fit every dentist's and technician's needs - making your jobs easy, simple, and interesting. 


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7 Jabotinsky St,
Bene Beraq




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Skvirsky CE certificate

Skvirsky CE certificate

ISO Medical Certificate

ISO Medical Certificate

ISO QMS Certificate

ISO QMS Certificate

How it all began, and who we are


In the early 2000's, Dr. Igor Skvirsky toyed with the idea of using magnets in dentistry. For years since then, he studied the field along with his son, whose engineering capabilities came in handy. They spent their time consulting experts from around the world, conducting experiments and building prototypes. Soon enough, the idea became reality - DUPLICATOR, Dr. Skvirsky's new impression coping system and technique was adopted by colleagues around the world.

One of the professionals consulted with, was physicist Dr. Leonid Monassevitch, PhD and a Nitinol expert. Dr. Monassevitch's knowledge was essential in materializing Skvirsky's visions, and he has had a key role in the company ever since.

As one idea lead to another, new technologies were invented, and more innovating products were manufactured.

Today our goal at Skvirsky Dental Solutions is to further develop revolutionary products, simplifying more dental procedures - making the results aesthetic and accurate like never before.

We are here to assist you in every step after implantation: scroll down to explore our innovative healing caps, impression coping kit, scanning bodies, screw retained implant restoration, and free digital support we offer.

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